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How Not to Go to School…

I’ve just wasted about an hour of my time perusing my local school districts website trying to discover if they allow corporal punishment and what, if any, academic programs the have for gifted children.  We plan on “preschooling” our daughter, so I think she might already know quite a bit of the curriculum when she enters Kindergarten.   I remember how kindergarten and first grade were, I knew almost everything they were teaching.  The only things I enjoyed were art and story-time.

I clicked on the “academics” tab and was directed to academics – athletics.  The only options were all the different athletic programs the school has.  Well, that’s great but I DON’T care at this point, I just want to know what they’re academic programs are like.  It’s just so frustrating.

My mother in law is a teacher in another school district and she warned us that this school is the worst in our general area.  Great, that’s another thing I wish we had considered when buying this house.  Are we going to move or am I going to homeschool?

I also wanted to schedule a tour of the elementary school so we could decide what we wanted to do-let her go to our local school, try for a better out of town school or homeschool- but the phone number of the school is not listed on their website.  I’ll just have to look it up in the phonebook, but don’t you think that’s something people might want to glean from the website?

Stuart seems to think that if we’re on the PTA and participate greatly in her education, Midori will do very well in any school system.  It’s a great sentiment, but I’m still skeptical.  I suppose I should withhold judgment until we go and visit the school.


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