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I saw a large tick- I don’t know what kind it was- on a towel when I was taking down the laundry from the line.  At first I thought it was just a spider and I shook it to the ground, but then I realized it was a tick.  In the apartment, I’ve grown accustomed to seeing spiders, they used to bother me but they don’t so much anymore.  As long as they’re not huge I can deal with them.  But I really hate the idea of anything sucking my blood- the idea of anything biting Midi just kills me.  After I collected all the laundry I took Midi inside and turned her round and round like a cartoon crow eating corn.  Thankfully, I didn’t find any ticks. Later, I felt a little tickly by my left breast and I reached to see if there was a tick.  I felt a little squishy bump and barely breathing I grabbed it- only a loose string but my skin is crawling.  I feel like I have a thousand little bugs crawling over me.  I keep having to stop and scratch, it makes a little journal entry long work.


I really need to get used to the extra bugs that are out here.  The Lakeville apartment was a good intro, at least I had to deal with many more spiders and box elder bugs there.  But I know it will be much worse here.  These sand hills breed bugs.  There are also lots of sand burs.  I remember them from Kansas.  I didn’t realize they grew here as well.  I think once the chickens are able to be about the yard they’ll eat a good deal of them (and likely fall prey to a good deal of them too.  I wonder if chickens groom each other…)


The plumber lady came today- I love that the plumber is a woman.  She looked at the well tank and the pump in the basement.  Apparently, most houses in the area from the 20’s had wells that were just pipes stuck in the ground until they hit water.  There’s no way to know whether the pipe has a clog or the water table is lower.  So we’re going to have to have a whole new well dug.  My little money-pit sucks up another two grand…


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