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Last week as Midori and I watch the chickens squabble over kitchen scraps, I heard footsteps up the drive behind me.   My parents were gone grocery shopping and my husband was at work, could they have come back already?  I whirled around to see a man walking around the driveway scoping out our outbuildings.  I hid Midori in her stroller in a clump of sassafras saplings, praying under my breath that she’d be content to watch the chickens and wouldn’t start to cry.  As I walked up the path from the chicken house I imagined all sorts of horrible things, why was this person here?  Was he going to try and rob me, rape me?  I could see the man more clearly now; he was tall and slightly overweight, middle aged and shabby looking.  I remembered the oak walking stick Stuart left by the Siberian Elm tree to dry.  I knew if he made a move I’d go for it.  I doubt I could fight him off, but I wouldn’t go down easy.



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