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The farmer that owns the plot across from us came and tilled it today. Even though we’ve never met, I can’t help weaving a him a complex life story. I know three things for certain about this person: he is a male, middle-aged, farmer with a really nice tractor. As he cuts through last years corn stalks, I imagine he is glowing with hope over ethanol and the recent increase in the price of corn. His daughter’s wedding is in a few months and he isn’t over fond of his son-in-law to be. Really, he liked the last boy she dated better, a recent graduate of Purdue’s Agronomy department, but there’s no accounting for taste these days. His sun dried skin wrinkles easily as he turns his thoughts to the forecast. Some gentle rain after the seeds are in would be best. With luck the three year drought will be banished this summer…

I could live inside this man’s head, but I doubt my romantic musings concerning his life and thoughts are anything close to what he’s really thinking. I’m not a farmer; I’m just another back-to-the-land wannabe.


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