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As I casually surveyed the landscape this morning, I noticed a large cat walking past the wood pile.  He was pretty darn big.  I’m not very good at estimating lengths, half the time I’m off by feet in my guesses.  With this qualification, I’d have to say he was about two feet long not including the tail, and really fat; looks like he’s got his fair share of little critters as well as cat food maybe. 

I know feral cats are a problem everywhere- city, country and everywhere in between.  They’re especially bad in the country because country people have livestock that cats can injure or kill.  And don’t tell me cats won’t go after chickens because I’ve seen a cat kill a bantie on our old farm so I know it happens.  Besides that, cats are a non native predator, one that birds and small mammals aren’t accustomed too.  When we moved into the farm in Ohio there were so many birds.  Every time I went outside I could hear a cacophony of song.  After we got the barn cats, the number of birds I saw was reduced by half.  And don’t say that it’s because they had an overgrown population like deer because their natural predators were extirpated from the area.  You tell me what predator the cat takes the place of.  There are no small felines native to this area.

OK, rant over.  Anyway, Stuart’s friend and coworker Bruce says a cat’s natural habitat is indoors and I tend to agree.  Stu also goes so far as to say that the only good cat outdoors is a dead cat.  Now in principle I’d agree, but I also believe in people’s individual rights to do what they want- within reason- on their own property.  So if they want to have a mess of barn cats, that’s fine.  Just please don’t let them wonder onto my property.  Because as I believe they have the right to do what they want on their land, I hope they will extend this right to me. 


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