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How Not to Buy a Freezer…

Stuart and I have been eying the large chest freezers for sometime now, picturing all the wild game and produce we could put away. So when I saw an add for a “Large Chest Freezer 100$” on our local Cheapcycle YAHOO! group I pounced on it. When Stuart talked to the owner he asked her if the freezer worked, when she got it – you know the questions you would normally want to know when deciding whether make a purchase. She said she got it a few years ago, it ran great and was in great condition. Based on this information, we decided to go for it. We took out 100$ cash and went to pick up our new -used- freezer.

When I first laid eyes on the freezer, I felt a bit ill. It was rusty and very obviously not a few years old. It wasn’t plugged in, so there was no way for us to determine if it really worked. But, being honest people we decided to go for it anyway. OK, well really it was the fact that we had already driven over thrity minutes to see the darn thing. We heaved it up into the truck and ponied up the cash.



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