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Mom had a heart attack about 11:00 last night. The phone rang and dad hung up before I could get it. I was upset- thinking that mom or dad had accidentally dialed my number and woke up Midi, but a few minutes later dad came to the door and said “Your mom’s having a heart attack” My legs started shaking and I thrust Midori into Stu’s arms. I ran out to the trailer in my pajamas- I thought for sure mom was going to die that night but when I got there she was able to talk a bit; she looked so very gray. I tried to comfort her but she was clearly in quite a lot of pain. After a few minutes, which seemed like hours, I saw the red flashing lights of the ambulance coming up the drive. They took her to the local hospital where they determined she needed to be airlifted to the big hospital in
South Bend.


We thought her stint had moved but it turned out that she had several blood clots and had to go in for surgery. As we spent the night and part of next morning on the waiting room couch, she had a total of six bypasses. She came out of surgery well and is going to be coming home soon. I’ll be taking care of her. I know it’s a lot of work at a bad time, but its going to be OK.


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