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Stuart put in the fence for the garden almost exclusively by himself this weekend.  He finished it Tuesday and I have to say it looks pretty good.  We could use a few more posts but we can add them later as Stuart cuts down cedar trees in the back half acre.  I tied strips of fabric to the top of the fence to –hopefully- let deer know there’s a fence and not to try bounding through it.  I am also hopeful that their flapping in the wind will scare away rabbits.  I’m double digging the beds so there is essentially a twelve inch layer of cultivated soil (cultivated sand in our case).  We planted heirloom snap peas, Amish Snap from seedsavers.org, yesterday.  I had started two peat trays of them earlier in the spring so we had some early starts.  Actually, they’re not that early as we really should have had them in the ground about three to four weeks ago.  I planted them in the peat cups because they don’t really handle transplanting very well, even with the gentle relocation we gave them they’re a bit wilty this morning.  The hose we inherited with the house finally gave out yesterday afternoon.  I expect that someone ran over it in the winter and they attempted to repair the section with electrical tape. 


Stu is supposed to stop by the store after work and buy a hose.  We talked about it yesterday, but he totally forgot.  I called him to remind him, because I thought he would forget (which of course he did) and he acted like I was so incompetent for not getting it myself.  He didn’t leave me the debit card and there are no local branches of our bank around so I’d like to know exactly what form of currency he’d recommend I use to buy it… barter a few chicks for a 50 ft hose?  We may have moved to the country but we haven’t traveled back in time.


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