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As I tiptoed around our squeaky wood floors in a desperate attempt not to wake Midori from her afternoon nap I saw a black minivan pull up into my drive.  I assumed it was one of mom’s array of physical therapists but as I answered the door a friendly looking lady thrust a can of peach scented glade into my hands and started telling me about the new distribution center they were opening up in our area.  She asked if I would be able to give her and her colleague some “honest opinions” and I, thinking she was asking for a few “honest opinions” said “sure.”  I really thought they were going to whip out a small survey and a few cleaning products for me to examine but as they thrust their way into my home I started to wonder why I didn’t tell them to go away from the start.  One lady returned with a large box containing a large vacuum.  The other lady slipped out the back door and left, there was no turning back now.  Of course Midori woke up and of course my house was dirty- I live on a sand hill, there is no vacuum in the world that can save me from perpetually dirty floors. 



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