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OK, so this poor blog has been sadly inactive. But, there is a reason, several actually.

1. I’ve been busy writing a book.  No, not a book on homesteading.  That would be a slim volume!  A science-fiction novel that’s due out next year.

2. I’ve been preparing a new blog hosted with bluehost and wordpress.org at http://www.hownottohomestead.com.

3. And most importantly, I’ve been doing some serious toddler wrangling.

But most pertinent to this blog, is the new website.  It’s almost ready and should be up and running by February. Until then I’ll be posting regular updates here.

Thanks to everyone who kept reading, even though there haven’t been many (alright, zero) updates. As I keep on making massive mistakes, I doubt there’ll be any shortage of things to write about.


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How Not to Do the Dishes

Ok, just quick post for today.  We’re busy harvesting our garden before the final frost.  I’m knee deep in mason jars LOL

Because of this canning, cutting, drying, freezing etc… I’ve been running a little ragged and I think my brain left on a late plane to Tahiti last Friday.  After I put Midori down for a nap I started running water for the dishes.  There were just to many awkward things to fit in the dishwasher, so I had to do them by hand.  I remembered I needed to transfer some of the squash seeds on to new paper to dry and went in the other room while the sink was filling.  When I finally returned the sink was overflowing, water running down the counter and onto the floor!  I really thought I turned the faucet off, but apparently I forgot.  Haste sure does make waste because that darn mess took me well over thirty minutes to clean up.  I’m not sure if I’ll tell Stuart or not.  It’s been a long time since he’s had a good belly laugh.   I think he deserves one, even if it’s at my expense.

On a happier note, I received my Cumberland General Store catalog today.  It was 5.00 shipped media mail and worth every penny.  I don’t know if I’d buy anything from them though.  They’re just so expensive, but I love dreaming as I look through it’s pages.  Wouldn’t I love a cider press?  Oh, that stone ware looks so lovely!  And their pressure canners…. OH their pressure canners!  This catalog is just about the only thing that can bring out my inner consumer.

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