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We planted the south side of the side garden yesterday but its so windy I’m afraid the topsoil and many of the seeds will blow away. I went out and watered in an attempt to hold the soil down but its so dry I’m not sure how much it will help. The loamy sandy solid creates a hydrostatic barrier or something that prevents the water from sinking in well. It will pool on the surface for hours before it’s go down an inch. Its pretty frustrating. The parts of the garden that I double dug have more sand than organic matter and the water just flows right through them but the parts that Stuart tilled have quite a bit of organic and they just don’t seem to take water well. I suppose it will be a good thing in the long run because they’ll hold the water better than the sandier parts. Also, they contain more food for the plants.

The wind is blowing so hard that it’s rattling the windows, I really feel like I’m in Kansas again.


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